Free Chromebook is available with this Linux training course.Linuxfoundation.org is one of the best places to get instructor led training for learning Linux development and administration.

Free Chromebook

Linux foundation is running a great offer in which you will get a free Chromebook when you signup for any of their instructor led Linux training courses. It is a limited time offer.

About Linuxfoundation.org

If you want to learn Linux internals, this is the right online resource for you. Every class is led by Linux experts and you will gain great knowledge on Linux from scratch.

I work, you may even say I live, in the Chrome program throughout the day. It doesn’t make a difference what OS is running behind the site pages, it’s Chrome up front.

This is the reason the Chromebook works so well for me. The absence of a “genuine” OS as the motor behind the Chrome program is really something worth being thankful for me. My Chromebook runs Chrome quicker, smoother, and without hiccups, superior to my quick Macs and Windows PCs. I can at present do bunches of “PC” exercises in Chrome; with web applications it’s a great deal more than a program. In any case, the unadulterated program experience is amazing on a Chromebook.


Chrome OS is intended to run the Chrome program superior to anything whatever else. The equipment in the Chromebook is enhanced to do that one thing. While Google has added augmentations to Chrome OS, similar to a document chief, its essential objective of running Chrome well is obvious.

I like my Macs and Windows PCs, however with regards to doing my work, the Chromebook is better. The absence of overhead that accompanies Windows and OS X is something worth being thankful for. You may say those “full” OS’s are for the most part dead weight.

Yes, numerous need the force and flexibility of Windows or OS X. I get that. In any case, there are a mess of people such as me who needn’t bother with that much drive. We are in the web program more often than not and that implies Chrome OS is the better choice.

That is the reason Chromebook deals are blasting. It’s still sufficiently little to be a specialty market, yet that is evolving. I get notification from people consistently who acknowledge how great Chromebooks are once they attempt them. Also, numerous are doing only that.

I am persuaded the lightweight way of Chrome OS is a major motivation behind why schools are getting Chromebooks . They can do everything the understudies need to do with little object. There are no driver issues and no product glitches to manage. Hit the force catch, sign in, and be profitable in seconds. That is the thing that figuring ought to be similar to constantly. No overhead required.

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