Become a better manager of people bundle courses will help you to become a professional human resource manager with lots of practical experience.

It’s a bundle of 5 courses (Become a better manager of people) :

  1. Preparing to Manage Human Resources :

In this course, you will be able to understand how the human resources are managed in a well-structured manner without any fail. For becoming a better manager, everyone should learn the importance of management in every aspect especially in the case of Human Resources.

     2. Recruiting, Hiring, and Onboarding Employees :

This section explains the another important quality of the manager while recruiting or hiring the employees for improving the business. Here the manager should show his or her intelligence in order select the right candidate for their company. Depending on the Job responsibility, the quality, and the task will be differentiated. So all those things should be taken care by the Manager.

     3. Managing Employee Performance :

After the selection of the right candidate, for getting better performance, the task should be distributed equally and should be managed in a proper way.

      4. Managing Employee Compensation :

If the employees work really hard then the compensation should be given at regular intervals of time. It will help motivate the employees. This course will help you to understand the concept of working as well as giving compensation for the workers.

       5. Human Resources Management Capstone : HR for People Managers :

By learning this course, you will get an idea about to manage people as a human resource. The course will teach you how to communicate and manage the tasks as well as the employees in a proper way.

If you buy all the courses together then you will get 10% discount. And these 5 courses bundle is really worth it. You can manage n number of employees without any failure. The coursera only provides these type of combined benefits altogether. This is the best course that I ever seen in order to learn about the human resource management. So don’t waste and time and become a professional manager.



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